three generations of wood

Building on northern Swedish wood industry for three generations, at Allinwood we combine the past and present in our designs. The result is our own style which is unique and timeless. Today, Allinwood is working with some of the leading and most celebrated designers in Sweden. Our products are often based on old ideas that we update and reuse in a contemporary way. Inspiration often hits when we encounter foreign visuals on trips abroad.


The Swedish wood and furniture industry has changed over the years and so has Allinwood.Today, work at Allinwood is about passionately developing new products and a strong brand.


The craftsmanship and furniture styles of the past are important sources of inspiration in today's design work even if the manufacturing process is constantly modernized. The contemporary Allinwood holds the collections of Ledigt Liv, Tuvan, Change, 1700 collection, Settler and Gustavian. Together they represent a wide collection of styles, both international and Swedish. Experience has taught us that the true beauty in a piece of furniture is not only functional but simple and sustainable. We hope this is noticeable in all our Allinwood designs.